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The world’s BEST body transformation programs for women over 40.

Shed inches in body fat using meal plans and workouts specifically designed for women over 40 with the six week shred challenge.

Shed inches in body fat in six weeks!

Losing weight gets more diffficult as we get older

We have also gained more body fat.
It is really frustrating when this happens, and you have probably found that since hitting your 40s and 50s the diet and exercise you did to fix this when you were younger no longer works.
Because of our decreasing levels of hormones like oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone we have gained fat.
The reduction in hormone levels leads to loss of muscle and fat gain particularly around your belly. That’s why it’s called middle aged spread!

Why will this program work?

Many of the programs out there don’t work for women over 40 because they don’t address the fact that our metabolism has reduced.

Here is what we can do about it:
  1. Build our metabolism with strength training.
  2. Use High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to burn fat.
  3. Eat good quality lean protein and carbohydrates to build metabolism and good fats to balance hormones.

These three strategies will result in you successfully LOSING BODY FAT like Charlotte did in the testimonial below.

Hannah on the left took just six weeks to lose belly fat. But in a healthy way eating good wholesome foods and the program starts off at 1700 calories so you shouldn’t feel hungry.

After six weeks on this program Charlotte Brennan lost 3 inches from her waist, 3 inches from her hips and 15 pounds in weight. This is what she said: "This plan has been fabulous. I consider myself to be very fit and active, I enjoy the gym and CrossFit but as I'm now in my early 40's despite very hard cardio gym sessions I wasn't able to shift the excess weight. I was of the belief that it was almost impossible over the age of forty without being very restrictive with food. I was very wrong and I thank Melissa for this great plan as I now believe it is possible. I followed the plan which involves regular meals, no starving and home workouts. Oh, and eating potatoes, bagels and my favourite breakfast pro oats. I never stepped foot in a gym as I started the plan during COVID 19 when gyms were closed. I lost 15 pounds and approx 7 inches, and to be honest, I really enjoyed the plan. Regular eating for me is the way forward. I never used to eat breakfast but now I look forward to eating my pro oats. I encourage women over 40 to try this plan as you will not be disappointed."
Charlotte Brennan

Transform your body

The six-week shred is perfect for you if you have been trying to lose weight without success and you are ready to start a program that actually works.

This is why you will be successful in LOSING BODY FAT with this program:
Strength training home workout plan builds your metabolism

Your home workout program will build your muscle that you have lost before during and after reaching your 40s. In turn this will build your metabolism and make your body better at burning fat. 

Muscle uses energy and therefore fat when you are sitting around not doing anything. You will also burn calories during your workouts, because you will ensure that the intensity of your workouts are high.

High Intensity Interval Training torches fat

The program includes short at-home HIIT sessions of between 15 mins to 28 mins 3-5 times per week depending on where you are in the program. This is going to give you maximum fat burning for the minimum amount of time. 

Doing hours and hours of steady state cardio can damage your metabolism and this program is about building metabolism. HIIT cardio burns calories during the workout and up to 48 hours after, so it is extremely effective.

A diet that actually works
There is a substantial amount of food in this diet. This is because you need to fuel your workouts to work at a high intensity both for the strength training and HIIT workouts.

The meal plan is high in protein and has carbs to help you build muscle.

But remember building muscle isn’t about getting bulky it is about putting the muscle back on that you have lost due to your decreasing hormones.

You also need good fats like oily fish, avocado and olive oil to balance your hormones. The food has been carefully selected from a list of foods that are proven to help women over 40 lose weight.

The combination of the workout program and diet are going to increase your metabolism and burn stubborn fat like belly fat.

This will start you on that transformation journey to a younger, more youthful looking body with LESS BODY FAT.

What have you got to lose?

Not participating in this program could mean you run the risk, like I did of spending 4 years trying to get in shape or worse still NEVER actually getting in shape.

Instead you can start getting results right away like Charlotte did.
What’s included in the program?
  • An introduction to the program.
  • Your home workout plan including home strength training and HIIT workouts
  • 11 video tutorials explaining  the program & how to perform the 7 workouts.
  • Follow along HIIT workouts
  • Strength Video tutorials show how to do each exercise but ARE NOT follow along
  • Meal plans including pescatarian, vegan and vegetarian option
  • Food exchange list 
  • FAQS

Plus bonus content to set you up for success:

  • A complete guide to nutrition for women over 40 plus recipes
  • Motivation and mindset video tutorial
  • How to stay on track with food video tutorial

About Melissa

I started my fitness and transformation journey age 49, and I’m 55 now! So, it’s never too late to get in the best shape of your life. I have tried and failed many times at getting and staying lean. 
I’m now a bikini competitor, which entails regular resistance training which helps me stay in shape. I can tell you I don’t have ‘good genes’ and I am not naturally built like this. 
I want to share what I’ve learned with you. 

Six week shred challenge

Fat loss program for women over 40
$ 97
  • Strength training workout plan & videos
  • HIIT workout plan & videos
  • Meal plan & video
  • Vegan and vegetarian option


Are the workouts follow along?

The HIITT workouts are follow along but the strength training exercises  demonstrate each exercise once

You start anytime after you have made the purchase. The program is self guided so you do it in your own time.

We can only charge in one currency and the majority of customers are in the USA.

Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay in addition to PayPal.

Yes there is a message feature in the program or you can email [email protected]

Women over the age of forty who have found that other weight-loss strategies have not worked. You need some experience of exercise including a bit of strength training. This program is not suitable if you are a complete beginner.

This program is not suitable if you are coming back from a long time out of exercise as it is strenuous and demanding. Take a look at the beginners strength training program instead

If you have a medical condition or injury which prevents you from doing an exercise, please contact us for an alternative exercise.

Yes there is a vegan and vegetarian meal plan and shopping list.

Yes but I do not recommend a Ketognic diet and it isn’t on this program. A keto diet will not give you enough carbohydrate to fuel your body for the workouts so it is not a good idea.

Yes all the workouts in this program are home workouts.

There is a food exchange list so you can swap foods you can’t eat, don’t like or include more variety.

The HIITT workouts are follow along but the strength training exercises  demonstrate each exercise once

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