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8 Types of Belly Fat – Which one are you?

Did you know that there are more than 8 types of belly fat that can determine how you deal with it? This was me when …

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How to lose weight around menopause

Many women not only gain weight before, during and after menopause and after the age of 40 but find it much more difficult to lose …

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The 10 benefits of weight lifting for women

I ALWAYS recommend that women include weight training as part of their exercise routine if they are trying to lose weight. This applies to all …

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Melissa Neill

New six-week shred challenge for women over 40

My innovative new fitness and weight loss program is specifically designed for women over the age of 40. My six-week shred program is designed to set …

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How to burn belly fat and get abs

I have tried and failed with a number of methods to burn belly fat and get abs or a ‘six-pack’ over the years and only …

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10 of the best home gym equipment

Whether you are working out at home because you want to or because you have to it’s a really good idea to have a small …

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