Just like any woman my age I found getting in shape in my 40s really challenging and that’s why I decided to help other women like me – so that other women do not have to go through what I did to find out what actually works.

I got very uncomfortable with my appearance in my mid to late 40s as, try as I might, I couldn’t shift the excess weight due to having children and being in my 40s. 

Believe it or not I lacked confidence and had a poor body image, which was as much about mindset as anything else.

In my late 40s, I started Crossfit to help my mental health which had really deteriorated. Whilst that did wonders for my mental health it didn’t get me in the shape I desired, which was lean and muscular.

Melissa before and after

I went through a string of personal trainers who did not understand the way women’s body’s work at this age so decided to take matters into my own hands and focus more on heavy lifting and getting good nutrition in. I noticed that my body started changing and I felt ready to try the idea of entering bikini competitions.

I hired a coach who helped me prepare for my first bikini comp in 2019 and I learned a lot by going through that process.

That’s when I had a light bulb moment and thought ‘this isn’t that difficult’ there’s a simple yet effective formula that actually works and I was keen to share that with other women like me.

I spent the first 2 years of my transformation failing. I learned in that time what doesn’t work: Too much cardio, not eating enough to fuel your body correctly to work out, intermittent fasting (it’s really about calories not when you eat), not getting enough protein and carbs in, not resting enough.

What I now know works for women over 40 are these key things: 

Strength training, High Intensity Interval Training and a sound nutrition plan with plenty of protein and not skipping carbs. 

It’s that simple. But it really helps if you weigh your food out and count your calories and macros. We also need to take care to balance our hormones by not working out every day, getting enough sleep and reducing our stress levels. 

That was when I started my YouTube channel in the summer of 2019. My goal was to educate women over 40 to achieve their dream body.

Melissa Neill

But I didn’t stop there- I went on to compete in 5 bodybuilding shows and brought home 12 trophies and I now have 2 Procards (these are for Elite status athletes) and 3 Fitness Model Masters 1st placings.

In June 2020 I brought out my first online fitness and weight loss program for women over 40 and I believe I am the first in my industry to do this.

I’m often asked if I will work with younger women and the answer is a polite ‘no’ because there are so many resources to help them and I am passionate about helping women who are older.

We have so many challenges leading up to and going through menopause as well as post menopause and although things are getting better there aren’t enough resources for women in this age group to specifically help them.

For me this isn’t just my business, it’s my passion to help you on your fitness and weight loss journey, so that you can be the VERY best version of you.

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