Balancing Hormones with Better Sleep

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If you’ve followed my content on YouTube and other platforms, you’re probably familiar with my over 40 weight loss method — a holistic approach that combines strength training, high-intensity interval training, and a balanced diet rich in protein, carbs, and healthy fats.

But there’s a crucial aspect often overlooked in the weight loss journey, especially for those over 40 — balancing hormones.

Among the various factors contributing to balanced hormones, quality sleep is essential. Unfortunately, for many of us women over 40 and around menopause, achieving a good night’s sleep can be challenging. I’ve faced my struggles, from waking up multiple times in the night to difficulty falling back asleep.

Why is sleep crucial for effective weight loss? Poor sleep can lead to a sluggish metabolism, glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, and increased sugar cravings. Moreover, it directly influences appetite-controlling hormones, ghrelin and leptin. Disruption in sleep patterns can wreak havoc on overall hormonal balance and cause inflammation in your body.

Here are practical steps to enhance your sleep quality:

Tech-Free Zone: Disconnect from electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime.
Declutter Your Space: A tidy environment promotes a calm mind.
Create a Relaxing Ambiance: Consider using calming tools like scented candles.
Weighted Blanket: Some find comfort in the gentle pressure of a weighted blanket but if you get night sweat skip this
Supplements: Explore natural sleep aids like Valerian, L-theanine, Ashwagandha, CBD oil or Melatonin.
Relaxation Techniques: Engage in soothing activities or listen to relaxation audios.
Optimal Room Temperature: Keep your bedroom cool for a more comfortable sleep.
Cooling Sheets: Invest in bedding that helps regulate body temperature.

Making sleep a priority and being intentional about improving its quality can significantly impact your weight loss journey. Even small adjustments, like gaining an extra half-hour of sleep, can yield tangible results. Remember, a holistic approach that encompasses sleep, nutrition, and exercise is the key to sustainable weight loss, especially for those navigating the challenges of being over 40.

Find out how sleep affects menopause fat loss by watching this video:

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