Why is it harder to lose weight after 40?

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Having worked with many amazing women, a question that keeps popping up is, “Why is it harder to lose weight after hitting 40?”

Well, in this blog post, let’s have a chat about the common reasons behind this mystery and, more importantly, how we can tackle these challenges together. So, grab a cup of tea, and let’s explore the secrets to conquering weight loss after 40!

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Slowing Metabolism

After hitting the big 4-0, our metabolism tends to slow down, making weight loss more challenging. To combat this, incorporate strength training into your routine to build muscle, a key factor in boosting metabolism. Additionally, aim for a higher protein intake – around 1g per pound of body weight. Ditch extreme fasting, like one meal a day, as it can further slow down your metabolism.


As we age, hormones like estrogen and progesterone decline, impacting weight loss. Focus on maintaining hormone health by prioritizing adequate sleep, managing stress levels, and consuming a diet rich in noninflammatory foods.

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Insulin Resistance

As we age, Insulin resistance becomes a problem. This is when your body can’t regulate blood sugar levels properly and as well as many health problems like type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s, it can cause weight gain. When you’re insulin resistant, your body stores more fat and you find it harder to lose fat. You need to eat a diet that is rich in protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and oatmeal to tackle insulin resistance. Sugar and white flour should be avoided. You also need to incorporate strength training.

Energy Burning

Ensure you’re burning more calories than you consume. Track your food intake using tools like MyFitnessPal to gain a precise understanding of your calorie and macronutrient intake. But also, watch out for under-eating, as it can sabotage weight loss goals.

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Shift the focus of your workouts to strength training rather than excessive cardio. Short, intense cardio sessions coupled with strength training can be more effective in promoting weight loss, especially for women over 40. Too much cardio like long distance running and endurance sport can slow your metabolism down. But strength training revs your metabolism up.

Medical Conditions

If you’re hitting roadblocks in your weight loss journey, think about getting a thyroid test, especially if your efforts haven’t been paying off. And if the struggle persists, have a chat with your doctor to rule out any medical issues. Sometimes, tweaking your exercise and diet routine might be the key, especially if autoimmune diseases are in the mix.

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Dropping those post-40 pounds might throw some challenges, but trust me, it’s completely within your grasp with the right game plan. Whether you’re navigating hormonal shifts, refining your diet, or tweaking your workouts, embracing a holistic approach is the secret sauce. Dive into these strategies, and together, let’s conquer those fitness goals, fabulous ladies!

And hey, if you’re looking for a bit of extra support and a guide on this journey, consider hopping on board one of my coaching programs. I’m here to support you in your journey to your dream body. Let’s make it happen!

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