You’ve taken on strength training. Now what?

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Many women, especially at the age around menopause, express frustration when they don’t see results despite consistent strength training. A key reason is not performing exercises correctly and lacking progressive intensity.

To ensure you get the most out of your workouts, let me share some essential tips with you:

Lift Heavier

Gradually increase weights to challenge your muscles. Add weight incrementally, ensuring it remains challenging but manageable. As a rule of thumb go as heavy as you possibly can without losing form.

Slow Down Movements

Enhance time under tension for muscle growth. Focus on controlled, deliberate movements, emphasizing the muscle contraction. You can count for 1 second on the eccentric part of the movement and 3 seconds on the concentric (this is when you are getting the weight back to the starting position).

Add a Pause

Introduce brief pauses during reps to intensify the workout. Pause for 1-2 seconds at the point of maximum contraction for added difficulty.

Extra Reps

Increase the number of reps, add an extra rep gradually, maintaining proper form.

More Sets

Elevate the intensity by increasing the number of sets. Gradually add an extra set to challenge your muscles further. You can incporate 5 pyramid sets where you gradually get heavier on each set or even German Volume Training when you perform 10 sets of 10.

Reduce Rest Time

Shorten intervals between sets to keep muscles engaged. Aim for 30-60 seconds of rest between sets for an added cardiovascular benefit.

Change Environment

Switch between home and gym workouts for a fresh perspective. New surroundings can inspire renewed motivation and focus.

Alter Workout Order

Change the sequence of exercises to challenge different muscle groups. Mix up the order to prevent workout monotony and promote muscle confusion.

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