The 10 benefits of weight lifting for women

I ALWAYS recommend that women include weight training as part of their exercise routine if they are trying to lose weight. This applies to all women but especially when you are over 40 because by then you will have lost some muscle tissue.

So you need to put the muscle back in that you have naturally lost over the years. If you are new to weight training I have written a free nutrition guide and 14-day meal plan which you can download here.

Weight or resistance training will not make you bulky. If you want to add muscle mass, like me, it is very difficult and it takes years.

Melissa Neill lifting weights

Most of the women you see that are extremely bulky take performance-enhancing drugs because it is very difficult for most women to get like that naturally. I am a natural body-builder and I can tell you that adding size is extremely tough and takes years.

If you look at a bikini athlete or fitness model she will be lifting heavy weights 5 or 6 times a week and she will be very lean but she will not have big muscles. You can use that information to your advantage by lifting weights to burn more fat and achieve a more shapely body.

My FREE nutrition guide and 14-day meal plan is a great way to start if you are new to weight training.

Woman lifting weights

Lifting weights will not make you bulky

Adding weight training to your schedule will give you the following benefits:

  1. A toned look to your physique and therefore an improved shape.
  2. Address sagging or lose flesh, for example around the upper arms.
  3. Burn more calories when you are not working out than you would without muscle.
  4. Burn fat when you are performing the exercises.
  5. Give the illusion of a smaller waist because you will have developed your upper body, legs and glutes.
  6. Build confidence.
  7. Feel a sense of achievement when you increase the weight you are lifting and perform bodyweight exercises like press-ups (push-ups) and pull-ups (chin-ups).
  8. Develop and improve areas of your body that you may not be satisfied with, like grow your glutes or shoulders.
  9. Help protect against health conditions for example osteoporosis because you will improve bone density.
  10. Finally, weight training helps you lose body fat and therefore weight.

Now you have read this, hopefully, I have convinced you to start a weight training routine.

If you would like to find out how to train watch this video

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