Overcoming Fitness Challenges Over 40

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As you age, the strategies that once worked for weight loss and fitness in our younger days rarely work when you are older.

Like many of you, I ventured into the world of fitness armed with determination but lacking the right guidance. The misguided advice to slash my calorie intake to 1300 led to a cycle of unsustainable practices and ‘cheat weekends’ that sabotaged my efforts. Another misstep was the belief that more cardio equated to greater fat loss. Little did I know that excessive cardio could compromise muscle mass, a critical element for maintaining a healthy metabolism, especially for women over 40.

My breakthrough came when I embraced strength training. It dawned on me that building and preserving muscle after 40 is pivotal, countering the natural decline that accompanies aging. My focus shifted from just shedding pounds to redefining my body composition, emphasizing the importance of muscle for long-term metabolic health.

I encountered unique challenges faced by women over 40, primarily related to hormonal changes. The decline in estrogen and progesterone levels triggered increased fat storage, especially around my midsection, rendering conventional weight loss methods ineffective.

The frustration of dealing with persistent midsection fat even after shedding pounds was real. However, through my journey, I unearthed effective strategies that go beyond age-related challenges.

My mission is to guide you through these insights, sharing not only my pitfalls but also the solutions that worked for me.

You can watch the video below for more information about the mistakes I made and my own personal journey:

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