Why You Can’t Lose Weight After 40, and How I Finally Did

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I’ve been right where you are, wondering, “Why can’t I lose weight?” It’s a question that plagued me for years, especially as I approached my 50s.

At age 49, I embarked on a transformation journey, filled with determination and grit. But, to be brutally honest, I failed miserably.

Despite the countless hours spent sweating it out in the gym, relentless dieting, and unwavering commitment, my midsection fat clung to me like an old friend. It was a soul-destroying experience because, after all the hard work, the results were just not there.

I’d look in the mirror and think, “I don’t like what I see.” I felt like it was all “my fault,” that I was stuck with that stubborn belly fat forever.

Trainers told me that I would NEVER never achieve the shape I desired because of my age. They simply didn’t understand the intricate workings of a menopausal woman’s body.

You see, there’s more to the story than just weight. It’s about body fat, and the reasons behind those extra pounds can be numerous.

From not getting enough protein, struggling with sleep, battling stress, or even overdoing cardio (yes, that’s a thing), there’s a myriad of factors at play. It could be a lack of key hormones like estrogen, thyroid issues, or a host of other complex dynamics.

But here’s the silver lining – you can break through this barrier. By understanding how these pieces of the puzzle fit together and crafting a program tailored to your unique needs, you can conquer the challenge of losing body fat. I did it, and you can too.

Melissa Neill

One other thing that can be helpful if one of the reasons you can’t get in shape is you find it difficult to follow a plan consistently is having accountability.

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