Exercise, Diet & Not Losing Weight?

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If you’re here, you’re likely on a quest for a healthier, fitter you, especially if you’re a woman over 40 or like me, over 50. Weight loss can sometimes feel like an mystery. You may be doing everything right, but you’re still not seeing results. You’re not alone, and today, we’re diving into the top 10 reasons why you might be struggling to shed those pounds.

✅Scale vs. Body Fat

First things first, don’t get too fixated on that scale weight. It’s just one part of the puzzle. Focus on dropping body fat by tracking your progress through photos and measurements too. You will probably notice inch lost even if you are not seeing the scale move.

✅Cardio Concerns

For women over 40, excessive cardio can backfire. Keep it short and intense with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to avoid muscle loss.

✅The Power of Strength

Don’t underestimate the importance of strength training. Building muscle boosts your metabolism, helping you burn fat even at rest.

✅Not Eating Enough

Paradoxically, not eating enough can hinder weight loss. Extremely low-calorie diets cause your body to cling to fat stores.

✅Eating Too Much

On the flip side, overeating, even on healthy foods, can sabotage your weight loss. Calorie deficits are key.

✅Tracking Matters

Track your calories and macros. Precision matters, especially for women over 40. Aim for 35% protein, 35% carbs, and 30% fat in your diet.

✅Stress Sabotage

High stress can elevate cortisol levels, making weight loss difficult. Explore stress-reduction techniques like mindfulness.

✅Sleep Your Way to Success

Adequate sleep is essential. Aim for at least seven hours a night to support your weight loss journey.

✅Hormonal Harmony

Hormone imbalances can hinder weight loss. Consider hormone replacement therapy if needed.

✅Thyroid Troubles

Thyroid issues are common in women over 40. If you suspect a problem, consult your doctor and adjust your diet accordingly.

Now, if you’re nodding along with any of these reasons, you’re in the right place.

Don’t let these weight loss roadblocks hold you back any longer. It’s time to take charge of your health and well-being. If you’re ready to take action and transform your journey, I have an exciting opportunity for you.

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