Health Coach

We are looking for a knowledgeable and enthusiastic health coach to work with our community of Strong Women over 40. You will be a certified coach trained in exercise, strength training or nutrition for women over 40.

You should have extensive skills and experience of achieving great results for women going through menopause.

You will be working with Body By Bikini’s coaching clients either one to one or in a group. You will be working on a self employed basis with women all over the world, a large proportion of whom will be based in the USA so you need to be prepared to work in USA time zone hours.

Remuneration is negotiable and will start as a part-time role. You have an opportunity to progress further in an innovative and growing company if you perform well.

Some of the skills required are:

  • Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist or Health Coach
  • Life coaching/counseling/therapy skills
  • In depth knowledge and understanding of menopause and weight loss and with proven results (should be able to supply client references and/or testimonials with before and after photos)
  • In depth knowledge & experience of strength training specifically lifting weights (we’re not looking for pilates, yoga or body pump instructors for example)
  • In depth knowledge of nutrition 
  • A good listener
  • 3+ years experience with nutrition for menopause weight loss
  • Likeability and great interpersonal skills
  • Online presentation and public speaking skills (for leading on Zoom calls)
  • You must be a self starter and be able to provide the highest quality experience for clients 
  • 3+ years experience of working with women going through menopause


  • A background in Bodybuilding or have taken part in bikini/body building competitions 
  • Have run or still run your own coaching business
  • You’re female and over 40

Day to day duties

You will work with our online clients on a one to one basis who you will personally coach to achieve a body transformation. You will design and help them implement nutrition plans, workouts and lifestyle changes using the Body By Bikini method. 

You will meet with those clients on a weekly basis to coach them towards success. You will ask them to check in with photos and measurements and provide feedback and redesign their program if necessary.

You will present on various topics to do with over 40 body transformation on weekly live calls.

You will answer any questions and concerns that clients have about their program. 

You will also coach women who have signed up for group coaching together with other coaches in the team.

You can apply by completing this application.
Please answer all the questions to be considered. 

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