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How thousands of women aged 40+... with next to no spare time… are melting away years of stubborn body fat from their belly, love handles, thighs, and everywhere else on their body.

If you’re anything like me and the women I help, I’m willing to bet one thing is true.

Your body is changing in ways you never imagined…

On the outside, your body might’ve become softer and lumpier than it’s ever been…

Or perhaps your muscles are even starting to droop.

On the inside, you’re starting to feel like a stranger in your own body.

Your mood may be a little up and down — or maybe you feel more like Jekyll and Hyde.

And if you’re anything like I was…

Food is always on your mind.

Cravings for something sweet, salty, or deep-fried feel almost impossible to resist.

Sure, you might be able to stick to “healthy” eating for a while…

But it’s not long until you have a stressful day at work…

You order take out…

Put on Netflix…

And before you know it, you’re staring at the bottom of a tub of ice cream.


Does ANYTHING I just said sound familiar?

If so, I want you to know you’re in the right place…

Because as you’ll soon see, I know exactly what you’re going through.

The good news is, I’m going to share with you why nothing you’ve tried works in the long term…

And how you can quickly and easily turn your 40s, 50s, and beyond into the most amazing, healthiest, and happiest years of your life.

No BS.

Soon, you’ll see how to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin…

Wearing the clothes you WANT to wear…

Not the ones you feel you have to wear to hide your body.

Your brain will become sharper, and your energy levels recharge…

Allowing you to be present for yourself, your family, and your work.

And if you want to, you could even feel confident enough in your body to wear a bikini…

Because I’ve got news for you…

You Are Not Past Your Prime… You Are Not Invisible… And You Are Worthy Of Happiness


  • Eating bland, soulless food and starving yourself
  • Spending hours working out in a sweaty gym full of 20-year-old “Fitness influencers” (if you don’t want to)
  • Needing to max out your credit card on expensive supplements

As you’ll see on this page, what I’m about to share has worked for hundreds of women — from all backgrounds and abilities.

And it will work for you too.

Soon you be able too..

  • Eat delicious foods that leave you feeling full and satisfied — while shrinking your waistline, boosting your energy, and helping build muscle.
  • Recharge your mental and emotional batteries, for more energy and happiness… even if you’ve been burned out for months or years.
    Know everything about maintaining a healthy body in your 40s, 50s, and 60s (hint: menopause doesn’t have to ruin your life… I’ll show you how to kick its butt!)
  • Feel more attractive… whether you’re single or in a relationship, you’ll feel more confident and worthy of members of your preferred gender.
    Actually stick to a healthy lifestyle that makes you feel amazing every day without dreading these things. Even if you’re on a busy schedule or fall off the bandwagon every time the holidays come around.
  • Erase and control many of the symptoms related to menopause — from weight gain and mood swings, to hot flashes and fatigue.
  • Finally feel worthy of putting yourself first
    And much more – see below:

A program for women over 40 with to lose weight, alleviate menopause symptoms, increase energy levels, and enhance overall health.

In The Strong Woman Inner Circle You'll Discover

Melissa Neill in a bikini with her mobile app

Inside The Strong Woman Inner Circle You Have What You Need To Succeed

Included In The Strong Woman Inner Circle:


✅   DIFFERENT LEVELS OF STRENGTH TRAINING WORKOUTS for Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced levels. (worth $2,000)

  • Workout from home or the gym – you’re in control
  • 20 min and 30 min workout guides
  • HIIT workout guide
  • Yoga practice guide
  • Additional training guides (find out what else you can do after learning strength training)
  • Meditation Routines

so you can choose the foods you enjoy while quitting dieting for good (worth $2,000)

  • Guide to choose the right meal plan
  • 1500 Calorie to 2000 calorie meal plans depending on your goals
  • How to calculate your calories and macros so you can create your own meals and food plans

✅  BONUS #1: Over 40 nutrition plans with recipes, calories & macros calculated for you (worth $2,000)

  • Seasonal recipes: So you and your family can eat healthy and mouthwatering food any time of year
  • New Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Snack Recipes: Added every week – you never get bored and have lots of options

✅  BONUS #2:
Live Weekly group coaching Strong Woman Club Calls: for accountability, feedback, and tips. Weekly live calls every Monday at 9am PST/12pm EST including Q&A – replays available (worth $2,000)

✅  BONUS #3 Live monthly workshops with industry experts (worth $3,000) 
Topics Include:

  • Mindset Coaching & Motivation Guide
  • Thyroid Health: understand the importance of your thyroid, lab tests and a symptom tracking guide
  • Hormone Health: what you need to know about stress, sleep, balancing hormones and weight loss
  • Gut Health: How your gut health impacts your digestion and what to do about it

✅  BONUS #4: Join a community of Strong Women around the world. We motivate, lift each other up, hold each other accountable, and are a safe space to be your true self in our online sisterhood. (priceless)

BONUS #5: Vacation, Travel and Holiday Guides so you can travel, enjoy the holidays and not gain a pound (worth $500)

  • Vacation and Travel Guide including meal ideas and workout plans you can do anywhere so you have success when on the road.
  • Holiday Guide: a holiday cheat sheet, so you can enjoy any holiday

Live Program Onboarding Call in a small group (worth $300)

👉  Worth over $11,800 in value

You can lose inches and feel better no matter what level you are at. Follow the Melissa’s “Over 40 Method,” which is a unique system to achieve inches lost and a flatter stomach that supports hormone health for women over 40 years of age.

You’ve Got A FULL 14-Days To Try The Strong Woman Inner Circle 100% Risk-Free. If It’s Not For You — Simply Request A Refund

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

That’s my unbreakable 14-day money-back promise to you.

If you’re not satisfied in any way, simply let me know within the first 14 days, and I’ll refund your money.

But there are a couple of things to note first.

You see, while results are quick and easy — they don’t happen overnight or with zero effort.

So if you’re thinking of joining up and then putting in no work, please do not sign up today — as you won’t be covered by the guarantee.

The program is designed for time-poor, busy women aged 40+.

It’s simple, effective, and quick.

But it’s not magic.

You have to at least TRY the simple things I outline in the program.

If they don’t work for you, or you don’t enjoy them — then let me know within 14 days, and I’ll issue you a full refund

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You’ve Got A FULL 14-Days To Try The Strong Woman Inner Circle 100% Risk-Free.
If It’s Not For You — Simply Request A Refund


Now you might look at those transformations and think they had to work hard to get those results.

Perhaps those results even feel impossible to you.

And I’m not going to sugarcoat things…

They did do some hard work.


They also did things in the safest, most enjoyable, and most sustainable way possible.

Results like this aren’t just possible…

They will happen…

When you follow my methods, specifically designed for women aged 40+.

And you can do it all without…

Because with my unique methods, none of those things are needed.

In fact, those things are the worst things you can do…

You see many women are making a huge mistake…

And it’s stopping them from ever getting the body they deserve…

Which is why I want you to know something important…

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Path 1

Simply put, you disregard everything you’ve read today…

And you ignore all the amazing transformations and testimonials from real women I’ve shared with you.

Instead, you carry on as you are.

Perhaps you try yet another diet and fitness program…

And maybe you get good results — I honestly hope you do.

But to be real with you…

The chances of that are slim.

And in the end, there’s a much higher chance you’ll feel let down and disheartened yet again.

Not to mention the risk that things get worse for you…

And your body keeps working against you.

You become more exhausted…

The pounds pile on…

And you kick yourself for not joining today when you saw what was possible on this page.

It breaks my heart to think that anyone would choose this path…

But I respect your decision and truly wish you all the good luck in the world.

Path 2

You click the button to join The Strong Woman Inner Circle

And it turns out to be the BEST decision you could possibly make at this point in your life!

From the moment you join, you’re taking huge leaps toward having the body, mind, and health you desire.

You’ll get everything you need to get results for life…

And everything is simple, fun, and sustainable!

Within weeks you’ll notice your body getting firmer…

Your waist shrinking…

And your mood improving.

Months down the line, you’ll look and feel like a totally different woman…

A woman that glows with positive energy…

A woman who’s stronger and slimmer than she’s been in years…

And a woman who’s in full control of her relationship with food and health.

Your only regret will be not knowing about this sooner!

And remember…

There’s zero risk in joining, because you’re covered by my 14-day money-back guarantee!

Tap the button below to get started today.

I can’t wait to meet you on the other side!

 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

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