Over 40 body transformation: Kim turns fitness model champ

Are you struggling to get in shape now that you’re over 40? I had that EXACT same problem. I was reasonably active, went to the gym on a regular basis and even trained for a half marathon. But the same tactics that worked in my 20s and 30s weren’t working and I was gaining body fat particularly around my waistline. Sound familiar? Let’s look at Kim’s story on how she transformed her body over 40 from the ordinary to the extraordinary:

Uni ceremony in 2015

Kim Williams, 48 is just embarking on a career as a personal trainer and she is also a pro champion fitness model master. But this wasn’t always the case. Kim wasn’t in great shape but started lifting weights and combining this with a good nutrition plan helped her get in the best shape if her life. Bodybuilding over 40 for females is a great way to exercise. Kim is also a university lecturer (hence the gown in one of the photos) in midwifery, works as a midwife on weekends, is a mother to 4 children and has recently launched a new business as an Arbonne consultant. Kim spent her younger years as an international gymnast, so she is no stranger to the gym and having to watch what she eats.

Kim is now 48 but has a body that any 20-year-old would envy. She initially took up strength training when she saw a friend take a 12-week challenge at her local gym and lost a lot of weight. Kim added:

“I used to train but never really got results. I decided to go and learn how to train and eat correctly in September 2018. I started buying some books and reading up on training and nutrition.”

“I have seen a massive change in my own body since then. Although I’m around 16 pounds heavier than I was. My shape is nicer, I have curves, I have a womanly body and I am a completely natural athlete. I am happier with my body and it looks better in and out of clothes. It’s also about my mental attitude. Going to the gym releases the endorphins and it makes me happy. I have a lot more positive outlook on life. I believe if I didn’t have the training, I wouldn’t have such a happy life. I have made a lot of friends and physically and mentally I’m very strong.”

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Like me you might be wondering how Kim manages to fit in everything she does? Kim explains how she fits in the training with all her other commitments:

“It’s just time management. I don’t watch TV; I find it a real waste of time. I make sure I am prepared well ahead. All my meals are prepared. I have one day a week, when I do meal prep generally at the beginning of the week, then I make more meals around mid-week. It’s about being organised. I look at the week ahead and look at when I can fit in my training. Training is scheduled in when I have looked at when I’m working and when I will be taking and collecting the children from school. Social activity comes last.

Kim at a recent bikini competition

Kim’s typical day looks like this:

  • 4am (if Kim is competing) cardio
  • 5am to 8am – breakfast, get dressed and take children to school and if she is competing practice posing (you need to do this if you compete in bikini shows)
  • 9am arrive at the University for work
  • 5.30pm weight training session
  • 6.30pm pick children up and cook evening meal
  • 7.30pm more posing, prep food.
  • 10pm (ish) Bed.

Saturdays are a bit more relaxed but will always involve a training session and Kim will train her heaviest leg session on Saturdays, which is a longer session when she has more time. On Sundays Kim normally works a shift as a midwife at the hospital.

Kim’s current weekly training split (schedule) is:

  • 3 leg sessions per week, quads, glutes and hamstrings
  • 2 upper body sessions per week, shoulders, biceps, triceps with a bit of leg work because Kim is building her legs
  • 2 rest days which are important to recuperate and grow

Kim recently started her Arbonne business. She wanted to take control of her life and work for herself as she has always worked for someone else. Kim explains:

“I decided on Arbonne because I loved all the products and I’m interested in health and wellbeing which I am absolutely all about. I like to look after myself on the inside and out and it’s important that we look after the environment. They are naturally made botanical products, which are good for your skin and are not tested on animals which is really important to me. I have been working on it for up to 2 hours a day, but you can put in as little or as much as you like. Everyone uses healthcare products, makeup, skin, body-care products so they are not difficult to share, with friends, family and contacts. Being a consultant for Arbonne gives busy mums the opportunity to earn more money by doing fewer hours. That’s what was attractive to me. I lost two close friends to cancer so it’s very important to me that I help women have a healthier lifestyle looking after themselves inside and out, nutritionally as well of taking care of products that they are using.”

You can find out more by going to www.k.arbonne.com/

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